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Register your bike with Project 529!

It only takes 5 minutes!


Bring your bike (or scooter, or E-Bike, or anything on wheels) to ANY of the following locations:

1. Registration drive: look for weekly listserv email of drives for the upcoming week. 

(Want to volunteer for some neat rewards? See more information here)


[timetable calendar]

2. PUBS or Open Shop Hours

3. Registration appointment (quick slot) or repair appointment (if you also need repairs).

4. Or register anytime at the Safety and Security Office (opens 24/7) or Collis Center.

Why you should register: 

1. Unlocked bikes often get stolen or "borrowed", and 84% of them remain on campus. Downloading the Project 529 app allows you to join the campus bike community, aiding with stolen bike reports and recoveries.

2. Only registered bikes may use bike racks or the dorm bike storage room. Unregistered bikes may be removed without notice. Read more here.

3. Bikes that are clearly broken and abandoned are removed from bike racks regularly. If your bike is registered, Dartmouth Bikes will contact you before your bike is removed so that you have an opportunity to reclaim it, have it repaired, or donate it to us or a local nonprofit organization that provides bikes to people in need. 

4. It's completely free.

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