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Dartmouth Bikes is dedicated to creating sustainable bike policy on campus. While we recognize that bikes are expensive items and students may therefore find it more accessible to purchase bikes from inexpensive department stores, we strongly advise against this.


Bikes from these stores break easily, are less safe, and will break down before you've gotten your money's worth. These bikes constitute the majority of bikes abandoned on campus, and end up unusable, in this pile. This is wasteful. 

That is why if you wish to purchase a  bike, Dartmouth Bikes encourages you to consider one of these brands:

Giant    Specialized    Trek   Merida   Fuji   GT   Schwinn   Cannondale

Finally If you buy a bike, remember to protect your investment. Purchase a bike lock and register with S&S so to prevent theft. Stop into the shop for inexpensive repairs, and store your bike properly during the winter. 

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