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Bike Storage

Protect your bike! Please store your bike inside during the winter, off terms, or rainy days. This is especially important for winter term if you do not plan on regularly riding your bike—it will not survive the harsh Hanover winter and will likely end up at best, very rusted, or at worst, being taco'd by a snow plow like this poor soul:


If you are only leaving for an interim period but are returning to the same room the following term, you can leave your bike in your room during that time. Otherwise, if you are storing your bike for an extended period of time (i.e. for an entire term or more), the list below shows you locations across campus where you can store them. Plan ahead before space fills up!

Note: All bikes in these following locations must be registered before being stored. Otherwise, it is liable to be removed and impounded as college property at any time, per the Campus Bicycle Policy.

Residential (free, store at your own risk)


Maxwell and Channing Cox Basement
Judge Basement
Middle Fayerweather Basement
Wheeler Basement
Topliff Basement
Fahey Basement*
*(this space is shared by Dartmouth Bikes, only the front half of the room is for West House bike storage)

Controlled Storage (ResOps Pricing, for on or off terms)


Channing Cox
New Hampshire
Russell Sage

Note that other controlled storage facilities not specifically listed here may not be able to accommodate bicycles. For more information about campus storage, please refer to Residential Operations, and if in doubt, call them to make sure.

Here is their controlled storage policy page for further details.

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