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Owning a Bike at Dartmouth

So you've purchased a bike or brought a bike from home... Here are the key things you need to know!

Owning a Bike at Dartmouth

Owning a Bike at Dartmouth

So you've brought a bike to campus or bought a bike locally... Awesome! Here are a few basic things you will want to know about owning a bike on campus

  •  Make sure you have a sturdy bike lock and ALWAYS use it!

  • Know your indoor storage options - bikes can’t survive a cold winter under the snow!

  • Want an über knowledgeable bike guru to fix or tune your bike for you? Make an appointment with Dartmouth Bikes

  • Interested in learning more about bike maintenance? There’s a course for that, offered every winter!

  • No matter if you buy, rent, or borrow a bike, make sure the bike is registered with safety and security:

  • Want to fix your bike on your own? We've assembled some great resources here:

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