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New Student Bikes FAQ

So you want a bike while you’re on campus…

  • Awesome! We like the way you think! Bikes are a great tool for students on campus to help get around to classes faster and as a tool to start exploring the Upper Valley. However, bike waste is a serious issue on campus, and we’ve assembled the following guidelines for bringing bikes to campus.

Do NOT buy a bike before you get to campus!

  • The main cause of bike waste we see on campus is people buying, then quickly abandoning low-quality “department store” bikes they either bought at a local Walmart or ordered on Amazon before they got to campus. Don’t let this be you! There are far more sustainable and economical ways to own or use a bike available to students, many of which we outline below ↓

Bring a bike from home or buy local!

  • If you have a durable bike that’s in good working order at home, most local bike shops can help you ship it to campus. You can ship it right to your Hinman mail address. Once on campus, schedule an appointment with Dartmouth Bikes to have your rig assembled!

  • If you know you want to own your own bike on campus, but don’t want to ship it from elsewhere, buy a bike from one of the following sources:’

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Rent a bike!

  • Every term, Dartmouth Bikes offers about 40, term-long rental bikes to students that we send out at the beginning of each academic term. See our rentals page for more info!

Taking care of a bike at Dartmouth

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