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Termly Appointment Hours

No drop-in hours available. Book time with a mechanic below.

Please check our most up-to-date schedule under

Services -> Repairs -> Book Now

to book time with a mechanic for an appointment.

Appointments usually begin the second week of the term and end after the last day of class. Please be patient if "there are no appointments for the next 6 months". That just means there are currently no staff members set to take appointments, since the shop is run entirely by undergraduate students, and we close for interim periods.

24S Open Shop Hours

No open shop hours this term

Come use our tools to fix your own bike! Please note that we do not have storage available if you can’t fix it within the time given. Please be respectful, keep the shop cleaner than you found it, and book appointments for repairs you don’t feel comfortable doing yourself. Find more info about what "Open Shop Hours" are here!

Our Shop

The Dartmouth Bikes Mechanics' shop is where we make it all happen—rental pickups, appointments, open shop hours, mechanic workshops, and bike refurbishing all take place here.

We keep an inventory of commonly needed parts and have a workbench filled with any tool that you would ever need for fixing a bicycle. Open to all of campus during our shop hours—for when you have the itch to fix your own bike but don't have the tools, for a quick air pump or chain lube, or just to chat! We hope you enjoy your visit!

Ground Floor Bike Storage Room
Fahey/McLane Hall

Dartmouth Bikes Mechanics' Shop


Dartmouth Bikes Mechanics' Shop

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