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What are our shop hours/When can I get my bike fixed?
You can check our Location and Hours page for more info. For normal appointment hours, please check the Repairs page to book a 30 minute time slot with a mechanic. For quick fixes and adjustments requiring less than 15 minutes, we often hold weekly to bi-weekly 2-hour "Pop Up Bike Shops" (PUBS) during the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms on Fahey patio where students can get their bikes fixed first-come first-served.

What is PUBS?
PUBS means Pop Up Bike Shop. It happens a few times a term just outside of the shop. Come for small fixes like: air in your tires, a quick chain lube, or a brake tuning, etc.

Do I need an appointment to have my tires pumped up?
Nope — swing by during our shop hours for a free pump up from one of our mechanics! Collis now also has a bike pump that you can check out by asking the front desk attendant.

If I know/want to learn how to fix my own bike and don't want to wait for an open appointment, where should I go?
Drop by the shop during our hours and ask to borrow our tools!
There's also a DIY repair station behind Robinson Hall with some basic tools needed to adjust most simple things on your bike for when the shop is not open. Unfortunately, the hand pump next to it is not functional, but you can ask to check out Collis's bike pump by asking the front desk attendant there.

Do you sell bikes?
We currently sell a large proportion of our bikes at the annual Sustainable Moving Sale, which takes place in the fall term during freshman orientation week each year. We also sell bikes throughout the fall and spring terms, though inventory may be spare and our priorities are on our rental fleet and on selling to FGLI students. You can check out Dartlist, ask graduating seniors to buy their bikes, and visit local stores like Omer & Bob's or Mason Racing if you are in need of a bike and we are not currently selling (please wait to see if you ride frequently, and do not buy low quality "department store" bikes from Walmart, Amazon, etc. to avoid contributing to campus bike waste).

Who runs the shop?
Our shop is run by a team of student interns who have been trained by previous Dartmouth Bikes mechanics. We are fully supported by and operated under Dartmouth's Sustainability Office, and Marcus Welker is our current team manager (as of March 2023). If you are interested in joining the team, check out the Team page!

When are rentals available for the term?
We will typically rent out a portion of our bike fleet to students who are on campus for the Spring, Summer, and Fall. (Winters are harsh on bikes and we spend that time fixing up our fleet from the previous terms). We typically send out a blitz to the campus-events listserv in the first or second week with an interest form, and from there, we will contact the students selected to rent for a time to pick up and pay.

Do you do bike assemblies?
Yes, absolutely! If your bike is used or being shipped from home and only needs wheels, handlebars, etc. installed, then you can even get a discount! Please check our price and make a booking through the Repairs and Assembly page.
 My bike disappeared! Did Dartmouth Bikes take it?
It depends on where and when it was last seen.

If you were away from campus for an extended time (a term or more) and left your bike outside at a public rack, there is a small chance that we collected your bike as part of our termly abandoned bike collections, done according to college policy
However, if your bike was registered, you would have gotten an email from us alerting you collections were soon. Part of our process for communicating an upcoming collection is an email warning owners of registered bikes which got tagged as abandoned.

If you were on-campus when you noticed your bike missing, then Dartmouth Bikes likely did not take your bike, if you paid attention to our collection emails and policy. If it was outside and/or unlocked, unfortunately, it was likely stolen, and you should file a report with both the Dartmouth Dept. of Safety and Security and the Hanover Police. If it was stored indoors in violation of building code or blocking an important accessway, residential operations would have contacted you if your bicycle was registered.
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