When can I get my bike fixed?
Our shop is open weekdays, generally from 4:30-6:30PM during the Fall and Spring, with variable times of opening during the Winter and Summer terms. 
Do I need an appointment to have my tires pumped up?
Nope -- swing by during our shop hours for a free pump up from one of our mechanics!
Do you sell bikes?
We currently only sell bikes at the annual Sustainable Moving Sale, which takes place in the fall term each year. Hopefully we will be able to sell bikes throughout the term soon, but our inventory is very limited, and we focus most of our efforts on our rental fleet!
Who runs the shop?
Our shop is run by a team of student interns who have been trained by previous Dartmouth Bikes mechanics. We are fully supported by and operated under Dartmouth's Sustainability Office.  
When are rentals available for the fall term?
We will rent out up to 50% of our bike fleet to students who are on campus during the Summer-Fall interim or preseason period. Please send us an email to let us know if you are on campus for interim and would like to rent from us! Otherwise, rentals will be available online at 7pm on September 16, 2018.
Do you do bike assemblies?
Yes, absolutely! We charge $35 for a new, out of box assembly. If your bike is used or being shipped from home and only needs wheels, handlebars, etc. installed, then this price will be reduced accordingly!
 My bike disappeared! Did Dartmouth Bikes take it?
1) Dartmouth Bikes did not take your bike. (This info page is inaccurate concerning the "Procedure" of bike removal. We don't have control of that page but we are working on changing its accuracy.)
2) FO&M is the department who "collects" the bikes.
3) If your bike is registered, you would have gotten an email from us alerting you collections were soon. Part of our process for communicating an upcoming collection is an email warning owners of registered bikes which got tagged as abandoned.
What is PUBS?
PUBS means Pop Up Bike Shop. It happens a few times a term just outside of the shop. Come for small fixes like: air in your tires, a quick chain lube, or a brake tuning, etc.