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Register your Bike!

Have a bike on campus?

It needs to be registered with Dartmouth College.


Here's why: 

1. Bikes must be registered in order to be placed on a bike rack or stored in a dorm bicycle room. Unregistered bikes may be removed without notice. Read more here.

2. Unfortunately, unlocked bikes get stolen or "borrowed" very frequently at Dartmouth. If your bike is registered, it will be much easier for Dartmouth Bikes and the Department of Safety and Security to track it down for you. We have been able to return many registered bikes that were lost or stolen to their owners.

3. Bikes that are clearly broken and abandoned are removed from bike racks every spring in preparation for commencement and reunions. Thankfully, if your bike is registered, Dartmouth Bikes will email you before your bike is removed so that you have an opportunity to reclaim it, have it repaired, or donate it to us or a local nonprofit organization that provides bikes to people in need. 

4. It's completely free.

How to Register

Stop by the Safety and Security Office or the Dartmouth Bikes Shop during our appointment hours. It'll only take 5 minutes!

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