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Open Shop Hours

Part of the mission of Dartmouth Bikes includes teaching and encouraging others to fix their own bikes. We do this through a combination of Mechanics' Courses and as of Spring Term 2023, Open Shop Hours. We as a team of a few mechanics each term can only do so much for the campus

Open Shop Hours are times where you can come use the wide array of bike tools we have in our shop in the basement of Fahey Hall to fix your own bike, or to learn how if you don't know. We have a physical copy of the Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair in our shop for you to use!

You can find our Open Shop Hours on our Locations and Hours page. Generally, we have 1-2 sessions/week devoted to specifically open shop times, but if you stop by the shop whenever a mechanic is around and not taking appointments, we will generally let you in to use our space as long as we are not busy ourselves and it's not too crowded.

Any parts will still be charged according to our pricing scheme, but use of our tools is free! We simply ask that you do not begin a repair that you do not feel comfortable completing, as our mechanics will be busy with other tasks during the hours that we are open and can only provide limited assistance. Just book a repair appointment if you would like a mechanic to fully complete a fix that you cannot do yourself.

Please also note that we do not have storage space in the shop for your personal bike if you have not booked an appointment with us. If you don't think you can finish the repair before we have to leave, don't start and wait for the next open shop time to do so.

Screenshot 2023-05-21 173019.png
Asa Tobin Yates 4 3 2.JPG

Pictured: Asa Dow '26 joined the team after taking our mechanics course and offering to fix bikes during our open shop hours!

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